Sunday School Worship – June 7th, 2020

Family Worship Time for Sunday June 7th

Opening Prayer:

Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, please let us learn and understand more about you today. Amen

Kids Message: The Trinity

Let’s talk about this together:

  1. How many Gods are there? How many persons are there in the Trinity?
  2. Who are the three persons? What do they each do?
  3. What did you learn today in the lesson, that maybe you did not understand before?

Kids Song: Holy Spirit Fills Me Up

Trinity Craft!
Here is a Trinity craft available from our Catholic friends. It is a lovely mobile to make at home.

Closing Prayer:

Dear Father, thank you for making the world and me and for loving me. Jesus, thank you for coming to live in our world to show us how to love others and serve God and for dying for my sins so I may be forgiven. Holy Spirit, thank you for coming to live in my heart and being with me every day. Amen

Don’t forget – Next week is the Sunday School End of Year Drive By!

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