Sunday School Worship – April 26th, 2020

Family Worship Time for Sunday April 26th

Opening Prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for this time with my family today. We thank you for our lovely home and a place to worship you. Help us to see what you are doing in this story. Amen

Bible Storytime

How smart are you? Trivia questions about the story.
Where were the disciples walking from? (Jerusalem)
Where were they headed to? (Emmaus)
How many miles away was it? (7 miles)
They were joined by who? (Jesus)
Who did they think it was? (A stranger)
What did they invite the stranger to stay for? (dinner)
When did they recognize Jesus? (When he broke the bread in two)
After he disappeared, what did they do? (return to Jerusalem to tell everyone that Jesus was alive)

Let’s all sing this song together: He Made the Stars to Shine

Talk about these questions:

  1. Why were Cleopas and his friend so sad?
  2. Why do YOU think Cleopas and his friend didn’t recognize Jesus right away?
  3. Who could you run and tell about Jesus coming back to life again?
    You could do it using the craft below.

Fun Craft:  Follow the link and print it off.

Why did I not see it? Game:
Put 10 toys on a tray and have everyone stare at it for 1 minute.
Then cover it up with a towel and see how many each person can remember.
The person who saw the most is the winner.

Closing Prayer:
Dear Jesus, help me to be like you. Help me to read and love the Bible. Help me to be like the disciples and tell others. Thank you for being with me and my family this week. Please help us to love each other, help each other and be patient with each other. I am sorry for anything I did that was not nice this past week. Forgive me. Amen

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