SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – October 18th

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Family Worship Time for Sunday October 18th

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for this time together with my family to talk about you.
Please help us to learn more about you from the Bible. Amen

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Treasure Hunts

What you need
Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, Butcher paper, crayons with their paper label
What you do
Spread the coins out on a hard surface like a table. Cover the table and coins with the
butcher paper and tape it down so you cannot lift it and see under. Have the children use
the crayons to rub the paper with the crayons sideways to create a crayon rubbing image
and see if they can find all the coins. Have the kids tell you how much each is worth.
What you say
Discuss what it means to be rich. Can someone be rich even if they don’t have money? Can
someone with lots of money still be poor? Who would think $5.00 is a lot of money? Who
do you know that would think $5.00 is a little bit of money?

Guess what’s in My Pocket

What you need
A mix of change to play multiple rounds
What you say
A woman in our story gave two pennies. That was all she had in the world. It wasn’t a lot,
but when it’s all she had, that’s a whole lot to God. God wants us to know that even if we
only have a little to give, it’s still needed for the Kingdom of God. I have some money in
my pocket. Can you hear it jingling? You can’t see it, but you can hear it! I am going to let
you guess how much money I have in my pocket. Whoever is the closest will get to keep
the change!
What you do
Play a couple rounds of game. Let kids who get the closest to the amount keep the coins.

Jesus, we thank you for being with us here today. Thank you for showing us what giving is all about, and for being the perfect example of giving. You are an amazing God, and we want to give because of everything you have given to us. Help us when we are stingy or don’t want to give to others and forgive us for those times when we don’t want to or won’t give the way we should. We love you Jesus, Amen

Dear Parents:
Many of the principles of the Red Letter Challenge are things that will progress as children
grow into adulthood: but often kids grasp things even easier than adults do! The giving
principle is often something that is often even easier for kids to do than adults! It will
amaze you at their generosity, when you give them opportunities to give and share.
We talk about motive for giving, as well as who is the Ultimate Giver, Jesus. Understanding
what Jesus has given to us helps us give freely to whoever needs it. We give because we
have been given everything.

Not accepting and allowing them to give extravagantly like that stifles something that is so
beautiful inside. If during this week they feel prompted to give something that makes you
hesitate, that’s normal! Let them give! And give freely!

Challenge: ways you can GIVE this week:
Give food to the needy. Clear out your kitchen cupboards or go shopping and collect food
for the needy. Find a church or a food pantry in your area to drop off the food to. (See flyer
Go through closets and empty out drawers of clothes/toys to give away to a neighbor or a
local second hand store or women’s shelter.

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