SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – November 8th

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Family Worship Time for Sunday November 8th

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for this time together with my family to talk about you.
Please help us to learn more about you from the Bible. Amen

Joseph and His Brothers

Scripture Reference: Genesis 37:1-28
Focus: God helps us when we’re glad, sad, and angry.

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Today we are going to explore a story about a family. The people in this family had lots of different feelings about each other.

Questions to talk about.
Do any of you get angry at your brothers or sisters?
What kinds of things do you get angry about?
Do your brothers or sisters ever do anything that makes you sad?
What happens to make you feel better?
Why did Joseph’s brothers feel sad and angry?
What could help them feel better?

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Dear God, thank you for the people in my family. Help me to love them even when they make me mad or sad. Help me to forgive them because you forgive me when I make you sad. Amen

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