SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – September 27th

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Family Worship Time for Sunday September 27th

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for this time together with my family to talk about you.
Please help us to learn more about you from the Bible. Amen

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Activity: Topsy Turvy
Ages: all ages
What you need
Blanket (sheet, carpet, rug)
What you do
Get a large piece of material like a blanket that your whole family can stand on. The blanket
must be turned so that the underside is on the top without the children leaving the blanket.
Then the blanket must be turned over again the same way: have them work together
without having anyone step off blanket.
If a player touches the ground (off the blanket), the game must be started over from
the beginning.
What you say
Jesus invites us into a relationship with Him, but we can’t always see the other side of the
plan in our lives. Sometimes when things aren’t going our way, it can seem like we are just
getting cramped, like when we were trying to flip the blanket and we were all crammed
together in the corner. But God has a plan and in time we will see what is on the other side
of what we are going through. And we can’t do that alone! We need other Christians to walk
alongside us in church, small groups, Sunday school and everywhere we go.

Dear Parents:
Today we learned the importance of being with Jesus. There is no time like now for kids to
start to get introduced to the concept of spiritual disciplines. These disciples will be
practiced all throughout this 40 day challenge, but specifically this week we want to focus
on just BEING with Jesus. Later in our Challenge there will be many opportunities for kids
to do more outwardly focused challenges, but we believe that Jesus teaches and models
spending time with God the Father is what fuels the rest of his ministry.

So like Jesus, we want our kids to understand from the very beginning that our doing flows
out of our being, because the strength that we are using is always Christ’s strength and not
by our own human attempts. Talk to your child about the ways that you personally BE with
Jesus. Use some of the ideas below to start some new habits as a family this week!

Challenge: ways your child can BE this week:

  • Get a Bible that is appropriate for your age level. If you have a Bible already, put it on your nightstand and try to read a page or a section every day as a family before bed or on your own.
  • Listen to worship music
  • Celebrate and thank God for five things He has done for you. Plan a party to celebrate!

Dear God, it is amazing that you are always with us no matter what! What an incredible God
you are! Jesus, we don’t always remember that you are with us, and we forget to be with
you and can just get frustrated instead when things don’t go our way. Thank you for never
giving up on us. Thank you for loving us so much that you died on the cross for our sins. We ask you to help us remember that you are always with us and you never give up on us, even
when we want to give up. Amen

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