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Prelude – “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death”

Welcome and Invocation

Call to Worship Ps. 33:1-4,18,22

P Shout for joy in the Lord, O you righteous!
Praise befits the upright. 
C Give thanks to the Lord with the lyre;
make melody to him with the harp of ten strings!
P Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.
C For the word of the Lord is upright,
and all his work is done in faithfulness.
P Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him,
on those who hope in his steadfast love,
C Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
even as we hope in you.

New Testament Canticle (This Is the Feast) Revelation 5:12-13; 19:5-9

C This is the feast of victory for our God. Alleluia.
I Worthy is Christ, the Lamb who was slain, whose blood set us free to be people of God. 
II Power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and blessing and glory are His.
C This is the feast of victory for our God. Alleluia.
I Sing with all the people of God, and join in the hymn of all creation:
II Blessing and honor and glory and might be to God and the Lamb forever. Amen.
C This is the feast of victory for our God, for the Lamb who was slain has begun His reign.
Alleluia, alleluia.

Opening Song: You Are My All in All

[Verse 1]

You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all
Seeking You as a precious jewel
Lord to give up I’d be a fool
You are my all in all


         Jesus Lamb of God
        Worthy is Your name
        Jesus Lamb of God
        Worthy is Your name

[Verse 2]            

Taking my sin, my cross, my shame
Rising again I bless Your name
You are my all in all
When I fall down You pick me up
When I am dry You fill my cup
You are my all in all [Chorus]

[Chorus x2]

You are my All in All 
Dennis Jernigan
©1991 Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc.
CCLI Song Number: 825356

Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 29:10-14, Hebrews 6:17-20a, Luke 18:1-8

Old Testament Reading Jeremiah 29:10–14

10“For thus says the Lord: When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you, and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place. 11For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 12Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. 13You will seek me and find me. When you seek me with all your heart, 14I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, declares the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile.

A This is the Word of the Lord.
C Thanks be to God.

Epistle Reading Hebrews 6:17-20a (NIV)

17 Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of His purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, He confirmed it with an oath. 18 God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged. 19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, 20 where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf.

A This is the Word of the Lord.
C Thanks be to God.

Holy Gospel Reading Luke 18:1-8 (NCV)

P The Holy Gospel according to St. Luke, the eighteenth chapter.
C Glory to You, O Lord.

 1Then Jesus used this story to teach His followers that they should always pray and never lose hope. 2 “In a certain town there was a judge who did not respect God or care about people. 3 In that same town there was a widow who kept coming to this judge, saying, ‘Give me my rights against my enemy.’ 4 For a while the judge refused to help her. But afterwards, he thought to himself, ‘Even though I don’t respect God or care about people, 5 I will see that she gets her rights. Otherwise she will continue to bother me until I am worn out.’”

6 The Lord said, “Listen to what the unfair judge said. 7 God will always give what is right to His people who cry to Him night and day, and He will not be slow to answer them. 8 I tell you, God will help His people quickly. But when the Son of Man comes again, will He find those on earth who believe in Him?”

P This is the Gospel of the Lord.
C Praise to You, O Christ.

Prayer of the Day

L Almighty God, help us all to hear You saying,
C “I am your hope.”
L May we hear You over all other voices.
C Give us such a vision of Your purpose
L and such as assurance of Your love and power,
C that we may ever hold fast…
L – as though we are holding to an unbreakable spiritual lifeline-
C …to the hope which is in Jesus Christ, our Lord,
L who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now
C and forever.  Amen.

Sermon – “Hold Fast to Hope.”

Anthem: Christ, the Sure and Steady Anchor

Verse 1
Christ the sure and steady anchor
In the fury of the storm
When the winds of doubt blow through me
And my sails have all been torn
In the suffering in the sorrow
When my sinking hopes are few
I will hold fast to the anchor
It shall never be removed

Verse 2
Christ the sure and steady anchor
While the tempest rages on
When temptation claims the battle
And it seems the night has won
Deeper still then goes the anchor
Though I justly stand accused
I will hold fast to the anchor
It shall never be removed

Verse 3
Christ the sure and steady anchor
Through the floods of unbelief
Hopeless somehow O my soul now
Lift your eyes to Calvary
This my ballast of assurance
See His love forever proved
All my hope is in the anchor
It shall never be removed

Verse 4
Christ the sure and steady anchor
As we face the wave of death
When these trials give way to glory
As we draw our final breath
We will cross that great horizon
Clouds behind and life secured
And the calm will be the better
For the storms that we endured

Christ the shore of our salvation
Ever faithful ever true
We will hold fast to the anchor
It shall never be removed

Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor
Matthew Boswell | Matthew Papa
CCLI Song # 7045331
© 2015 Getty Music Hymns and Songs 

Apostle’s Creed

C I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth.

And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died and was buried.
He descended into hell.
The third day He rose again from the dead.
He ascended into heaven
and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
From thence He will come to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy Christian Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life + everlasting. Amen.

Prayer of the Church


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Closing Hymn: Every Promise

1 From the breaking of the dawn
To the setting of the sun
I will stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
Words of power strong to save
That will never pass away
I will stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
For Your covenant is sure
And on this I am secure
I can stand on ev’ry promise from Your word

2 When I stumble and I sin
Condemnation pressing in
I will stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
You are faithful to forgive
That in freedom I might live
So I stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
Guilt to innocence restored
You remember sins no more
So I’ll stand on ev’ry promise of Your word

3 When I’m faced with anguished choice
I will listen for Your voice
And I’ll stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
Through this dark and troubled land
You will guide me with Your hand
As I stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
And You’ve promised to complete
Ev’ry work begun in me
So I’ll stand on ev’ry promise of Your word

4 Hope that lifts me from despair
Love that casts out ev’ry fear
As I stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
Not forsaken not alone
For the Comforter has come
And I stand on ev’ry promise of Your word
Grace sufficient grace for me
Grace for all who will believe
We will stand on ev’ry promise of Your word

Text: © 2005 ThankYou Music, admin. Capitol CMG Publishing
CCLI Song # 4642105.
Used by permission: clli no. 11105072

Benediction and Announcements

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