Confirmation Details

Confirmation Details

THEME EVENTS: Two Sundays (check the schedule closely) each month during the school year we will hold theme events in the Parish Hall of the Church. These Theme events include music, stories, skits, projected video and any other creative way we can present the theme for the night. Also, at certain times in the event students break into small groups of 5-6 and with their assigned Faith Mentor (GUIDE). They will discuss the theme for the day, pray together, review scripture and plan activities for their small group to participate in as required in the next two legs of our the stool. There are 16 events this year, students may miss 3 events.

SERVANT & FELLOWSHIP EVENTS: Throughout the year there will be planned opportunities for youth be involved in acts of service. These events are designed to foster group building and also reveal the value of servant hood to the students. Also, throughout the year there will be planned fun, fellowship events. This activity is designed to foster relationships within the group and help build the community of God into a family.

WORSHIP LIFE: Students are required to regularly worship with their families throughout the year. Regular worship attendance is crucial for spiritual life as we try to help young people know the love of God. More information about this will follow in the parent orientation. We will also require that 2 sermon reports per month be completed.

Is There Homework?

Of course! But this homework is unlike any other we have assigned in the past. We will not call this homework, we call this a Family Check-in. After every theme event, there are pages in your child’s book after the theme lesson of the night where they will be asked to write out their highs and lows for 2 weeks and answer the four questions at the end. With the Family Check-in, we ask families to:

Homework (continued)

  1. Check- in daily – share your Highs and Lows of each family member’s day with each other
  2. Read & Reflect on the daily Bible Passage. Your child will be asked to highlight this verse in their Bible and bring it with them to the next theme event.
  3. Pray together.

This assigned Family Check-In should take no more than 10-15 minutes per evening. We ask parents to sign their child’s Family Covenant, which is located in their book at the end of each theme lesson. Then your child should bring the book with the Family Covenant signed to the next Theme Event.

There will be 15 homework assignments this year, we allow students not to complete two homework assignments.


There is a $100 per student fee that helps us cover the cost of materials, supplies, and helps us recognize the volunteers. We will also from time to time, ask you to donate items or your time for certain events. Please make checks payable to St. James Lutheran Church. If a family finds they are unable to pay the fee, please speak directly to the Pastor.

What Else? 

The three legged stool will only work if all three legs are firmly in place and at the top of the stool is WORSHIP. There are 40 Sundays from September through June, plus special services such as Easter and Christmas. The goal is that you and your children worship at least 20 of those weeks. If a student misses three weeks of worship in a row, a reminder phone call will be made. Please be sure your child signs in at worship in the narthex. Along with attending worship on a regular basis, we will require that your child(ren) complete 20 sermon reports.

Your teen is also expected to serve the church in one of several ways:

  • Acolyte – receive training and once every month or so, serves as an acolyte at one worship service.
  • Be a reader at worship.
  • Assistant Teach Sunday School – Weekly assist a teacher in the Sunday school program on Sunday mornings from 9:45 – 10:45 am. (LIMITED SPACE)
  • Bell-a-Teen Group – Rehearse 5:15pm on Thursdays
  • Join the Theme Event Band – Sing/play with the h2h band. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 4:00 pm.
  • Service Corps—Monthly the students deep clean areas of the church
  • Usher or Greeter—with a parent. Receive training and once a month or so, serves as an usher or greeter at one worship service.
  • Help with Wednesday evening worship (usher, greeter and/or reader).

When the teen is in 9th grade, prior to being confirmed, each student will be asked to compose an essay entitled, “What God has done for me in my life”.  This will be a minimum of one page single spaced.

All the above goals are designed to help young people stay connected to their faith and church. With so many competing interests consistency is the goal. We understand that schedules are busy if you have a problem completing the above requirements please contact the Pastor to discuss other options.


  • Theme Events—16 during the school year; students must attend a minimum of 13 theme events during the year.
  • Worship—40 Sundays from September 14/15, through June 28/29; you must attend a minimum of 20 times.
  • Sermon Reports—complete a minimum of 20 sermon reports.
  • Homework—there will be 15 homework assignments during the year; students must complete a minimum of 13.
  • Points— all students must attend service/fellowship events in order to attain a minimum of 14 points.
  • Service—all students MUST choose a service to the church;
  • At Worship—usher, greet, acolyte, read; help with Wed. worship
  • Other—assist with Sunday school; Band; Service Corp; Teen Bells.
  • Prior to being confirmed, each student will be required to write a one page essay entitled, “What God done for me in my life”

SERVICE TO THE CHURCH — an integral part of faith formation is a child’s sense of service to their church. We require that each student commit to serving the church in one of the areas below.



An Acolyte is a worship assistant who aids with communion, lighting and extinguishing the candles at our services and rings the church bell prior to the beginning of service. Acolytes arrive 15-20 minutes before the service, put on a robe with the other worship assistants. It is crucial that acolytes take this commitment seriously as they are active leaders in worship. If you choose to Acolyte you will serve at one service per month (or so) and attend a training session at a date TBD.

USHER (with parent)

An Usher is a worship assistant who aids in distributing bulletins, collecting offering, taking attendance at service and coordinating those communing.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the service and be ready for people to arrive. You may at times need to assist with the outside handicap lift. You will serve at one service per month (or so) and attend a training session at a date TBD.

GREETER (with parent)

A greeter is a worship assistant who aids in distributing bulletins and makes people feel welcomed. You may also be called on to communicate any special needs of visitors/members to the worship assistant or pastor.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the service and be ready for people to arrive. You may at times need to assist with the outside handicap lift. You will serve at one service per month (or so) and attend a training session at a date TBD.

READER (Brand New)

A reader is a worship assistant who reads from the bible one of the lessons ascribed for the week. You will receive the reading in advance so you can practice. Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of service.

BEGINNING BELLS – (hand bell choir)

The Belle-teens practice weekly from 5:30-6:30pm on Thursdays throughout the school year. There is no experience required. Under Mr. Reinertsen’s direction you will learn to read music and learn the fundamentals of performing as a group. If you choose to serve in the Belle-teens you will be required to rehearse weekly, perform once a month at worship services and perform on high holy holidays (Easter, Christmas Eve, etc.) For more info contact

Help with Wednesday Evening WORSHIP 

As a family, you will help at our Wednesday evening worship service (@ 6:30pm). This will include greeting people as they enter the Parish Hall, collecting and counting the offering, lighting & extinguishing the candles, coordinating those who are communing. Training will be provided.

CONFIRMANDS – (confirmation band)

The Confirmands practice weekly from 4:00pm – 5:00pm on Wednesdays. After practice we will order pizza for dinner (attending dinner is not required.) If you play any instrument or sing, you can join the band. In addition to standard rock-band instruments we welcome strings and horns! The Confirmands perform at every confirmation class and are asked to perform at other times throughout the year. If you choose this service you will be asked to attend weekly practices and play at class as well.


This service requires the greatest commitment; however, it offers the greatest return. SSA’s assist teachers in the classrooms on a weekly basis. Assistants are asked to help out every Sunday from 9:45am to 10:45am. The benefit to this service is the privilege to aid in faith formation of young children. For more info contact (Torun Reduto).

There is a limited number of spots open for this.


Building off of our Hands and Feet mission, students who choose the service corps are asked to help in the maintenance and cleaning of our church facility. One Sunday per month the students work at church from 3pm – 5pm with Deacon Jill Spage and the cleaning crew to deep clean, organize and spruce up the facilities. In addition, they will be responsible for sharpening pencils, stocking communion cards and pew envelopes in the Sanctuary.